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Your Body is a Unique Machine

Focused Nutrition uses the science of Macro-nutrients to

create a customized nutritional program for your body chemistry

Our Story

Denise tripolone

President & Founder

Focused Nutrition's story is one of survival 

Denise Tripolone suffers from an autoimmune

disease named Lupus Nephritis. There is no documented cure for Lupus, so Denise spent the next 7 years researching and self-experimenting different dietary techniques to manage her symptoms. Not only was she able to put her Lupus into remission, but she also got into peak physical condition.

As a result, Focused Nutrition was born...

Our team creates customized diet plans that are unique for your body chemistry and activity level.

YOU are an individual.

It's time to start eating like it.


Focused Nutrition

Sponsored Supplements

Your Body deserves the best

XYMOGEn has over 25 years of proven experience providing the highest quality supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners. Focused Nutrition is an authorized distributor that offers these products to our clients at a discounted rate. 

If performance and wellness is the goal, look no further.

Denise Tripolone


Nutrition accountability coach 

Bend, Oregon

Tel: 303-748-8854

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